Proven Social Impact. Data-Driven Decision Making. Predictable Returns.

At Cougar Mountain Financial, we believe that cultivating sustainable minority-owned business and investor security can go hand-in-hand.


  • “I was shocked that a “Disadvantaged business” needed to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into the game.”

    Rose Balderian, Federally Certified Borrower
    Rose Balderian
    Federally Certified Borrower
  • “You guys are Heaven sent.”

    Ebon Glenn, ACDBE Borrower
    Ebon Glenn
    Federally Certified Borrower
  • “I know financing has been a barrier for many new entrants, so it is nice to see an organization that is stepping in to fill the gap left by traditional lenders.”

    John Reeb
    Senior Principal Property Manager,
    San Francisco International Airport
  • “I’m pleased to see a company doing the right thing, and finding success doing it.”

    Joe Waller
    Pacific Gateway Concessions